Instigate Change

How would it feel if you Namaste? Right here, right now. How would it feel if you stay?

Having just recently completed 200 hours of Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training the journey unfolds. Talk about working through the tough stuff and peeling away the layers. Our instructor would ask us “How would it feel if you stay” all the while leaving us in a pose that made me shake and cry and think very mean thoughts toward her (that passed with every out breath.) Then we would come out of the pose with the feeling of accomplishment like no other.

Even though it was hard, it was possible. It changed the way I viewed life from the inside out.

Yoga allowed me to connect with my body, my mind and the experience was all mine. The others in my tribe had their own but we shared what is now a transformation.

Support from our families was on full alert. We gathered that resistance was not only ours but also from the outside. Shedding the stuff that does not serve us and gaining a mindful and deliberate self.

Yoga taught us how to make better decisions, ask better questions and take out the trash. We became better aware of food choices. Most of all, discovering Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Completely expanding our horizons and creating space where there was no space before. Standing before our tribe raw with fear of the unknown yet completely supported by our sisters as we guide them through a few poses. Learning even more that it is possible to connect with and embrace the divine order of the universe. Bringing about awareness, instigating change. We repatterned the breath to give back when we really need it. Thank you Ujjayi.

The gift of Yoga unveiled the truth. The authentic voice, the uniqueness of what I could bring to the mat. I am that.


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