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I am Amanda Powell-Wooten. My life work is to promote awareness, freedom of movement and joy into people’s lives. Including my own, with that being said I want to share with you what is happening right now. First let me paint a visual for you. In 2002 I completed my training in Natural Healing as a Massage Therapist. In 2008 I took a leap of faith and opened a small spa. Hoping to shift towards a wellness center I began adding more tools to my bag of healing. Then I completed my Esthetician training in 2009 with awards, such as the Presidents List. After that in 2009, I began a larger more complex union of body and mind, Yoga Teacher Training. Now with 215 hours of training and having to come out of my one on one shell of service, the classroom seems to be an integral way for me to reach out to more and more folks interested in wellness of body mind and spirit. My trinity of healing tools needs a vessel to give back through.
As I sit here now sharing all this with you the warm May breeze off the ocean passes through the spa and I am reminded of the day I received a idea. It was chilly for long sleeves but sunny and I was having a tough time focusing on my daily schedule. So I dropped off some supplies at the spa and went a few blocks down to the beach. I stopped in front of the #8 post of the boardwalk which if you flip it sideways become the lemniscate. ∞ Deciding to have a seat on the beach, I put my head phones in and covered my head to reduced the noise. It didn’t work. As I sat there trying to meditate or just figure what was all the static. The notion that I needed to start a yoga class for women going through active treatment for cancer came to me. Then even more was a space to practice in, I know we need one but where? Oh dear, the universe just handed me something bigger than I know what to do with. So how do you suppose I fund this, I asked out loud?
A few days later I shared all this with someone. “Why don’t you look into not for profit and see if that works for you.”
Go figure, the next day another client comes in and says she knows just the right contact for me. This is where everything speeds up like in The Next Generation where they hit warp speed. So now I am the director of a program teaching Yoga to women going through active treatment for cancer, the warriors, survivors and supporters. Once a month there is a lottery for a free Dr. Hauschka Skin Care treatment that I am giving away. With support this may increase to more than once a month.
Now it gets entertaining! At this time an event is being planned known as Couture for the Cure. It has been very successful in the past two years and growing. The women putting all this together have asked me to stand up in front of 240 plus people and explain to them my program. This means we need to put together “swag” bags. The tickets are $35 or a table of 10 may be purchased for $300. The event is a Tea Party and a Champagne reception then followed by a fashion show that features a few local women who have gone through treatment at the Dunes Club. This year’s theme is “A Love Story.”
Now that I have a program through SOS Healthcare we have begun to move forward and our first class is on June 6th 2011.
See you on your Yoga mat.
Healthy Regards,
Amanda Powell-Wooten
Yoga Radiance


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