Rock Hopping with Buddha

It just hit me on my way home today that we had met in a cave in the middle of a creek. I was rock hopping with some friends through a creek one sunny day of our many summer camping weekends.

Buddha, mudra, lotus position
Buddha statue at Hardrock park Photo taken by Amanda Powell

Listening to a podcast by Tara Brach, she was talking about Buddha and the four noble truths. The fourth noble truth is the path, it’s here, it’s how you remember. Based on meditative attention of all elements of life. Don’t quote me on the but I think it means this is how you find self-improvement.

I was reminded of the story of a Buddha statue made of clay that sat in a temple in Thailand. I heard this story while I was there and loved it for I thought Buddha was just being protected. When a monk noticed that the statue had cracked he began to explore the interior.  He saw gold inside, not just the gold we have in our hearts but the statue was made of gold. Buddha stood the test of time by covering his true radiance. When we identify with our veils we find ourselves trying to cover our innate purity to get through the difficult times.

Reclining, Golden, Buddha, Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand
Reclining Buddha Photo by Amanda Powell

In 1997 when Buddha and I met in the cave under the falls at Upper Creek in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina the path was revealed to me. Since then the plaster has been on thick, for me anyway. To protect myself from the difficult times. Now as I chisel away at the plaster to Awaken and Remember my path, that I am me, that I am Truth “Sat Nam” these difficult times will always be there if I don’t diminish the veil. Not letting any event throw me off my path because it is time to remember who we are and why we are brought together. There is no finish line, there is a journey. There is no rock better than another, we are all chiseled from the same organic matter.  It could take lifetimes of karmic conditioning to make progress on the path.

Buddha, buddha statue, waterfall, cave, rocks
Buddha in a cave Photo taken by Amanda Powell

As long as we remember our path, the veils shall disappear eventually.



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