My secret weapon for great skin and our planet

Benefits for your skin—and our planet.

For forty-five years, Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products, signature facial treatments and business practices have been based on a “holistic” philosophy. Our 100% natural skin care products are based on an understanding of the way skin works and its relationship with overall health, the goal being skin that is balanced and able to perform its natural functions without dependence upon a slew of products.

We rely exclusively on healthy, ecologically and socially responsible sources for our ingredients. WALA Heilmittel supports sustainable, ecologically sound agricultural practices by obtaining as many of their ingredients as possible from certified Biodynamic and organic sources. Burkina Faso, Africa, WALA helped local women establish sustainable agriculture cooperatives to produce shea butter. Those cooperatives now provide all the certified organic shea butter WALA needs to manufacture its Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products.

A Dr.Hauschka Skin Care regimen works best when part of a healthy lifestyle supported by diet, exercise and contemplative practice. All of these factors help to reconnect us with our natural rhythms, and have a profound effect on skin health and beauty. All are a part of Dr.Hauschka’s holistic approach.

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care upholds holistic principals but does not ascribe to a vegetarian or vegan philosophy. Though we do no animal testing, and use no animal ingredients that require killing vertebrates such as collagen, elastin, placenta, hyaluronic acid or ceramides, several humanely obtained animal ingredients: lanolin, honey, propolis, beeswax and royal jelly are included in many Dr.Hauschka products. We also employ carmine and silk, two ingredients from insects. Plus the protein that causes reaction to peanuts has been removed making it safer for those with nut allergies.

Why Dr.Hauschka recommends Normalizing Day Oil for oily and acne-prone skin:
a. Though it might seem counterintuitive to apply oil to an oily complexion, it’s actually the most logical solution.. The skin knows whether it’s sufficiently protected, producing more of its own oil when skin is dry and less when it’s balanced.
b. Drying, soap-based products and oil-free acne treatments can rob the skin of its defenses, leaving it vulnerable and triggering the sebaceous glands to produce even more oil.
c. Normalizing Day Oil provides a light, clean layer of pure plant oils and botanical extracts that balance excessive oiliness while helping to soothe and minimize the appearance of blemishes and irritation.
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Why Dr.Hauschka recommends a light moisturizer for dry skin:
a. If we treat dry skin with rich, heavy creams or oils we effectively trick our skin into believing it’s been producing too much of its own oil. In response it will decrease production, perpetuating the dry skin cycle.
b. Moisturizing Day Cream is light enough to support balanced oil production, but it also provides enough nurturing moisture to avoid dry skin. Over time, the skin will maintain its natural balance and be better able to fend for itself.
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But just what is it we mean when we talk about being holistic?
The simple answer is that we always keep the big picture in mind. When it comes to any one action we take or any one decision we make, we take the time to look at the repercussions and ramifications it may have on our skin, our health, our communities and planet:
• Our products are certified natural, containing the highest-quality plant and mineral ingredients
• We carefully choose every ingredient based on its individual effects on the skin, as well as the way it interacts with other ingredients
• We carefully research every plant’s origin, making sure it comes from an ecologically and ethically sound source
• We carefully design and manufacture packaging that enables us to keep our products free of artificial preservatives

Our natural botanical preservatives help keep products fresh without the use of chemical additives. In this way, we’re able to maintain the vitality of our Biodynamic and organic plant ingredients, delivering their nurturing, supportive qualities directly to you.


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