If I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve then where am I supposed to wear it?

Today, we discuss what it truly means to live a life full of optimism. Aahm, bullshit!

What triggers emotions into overdrive? If pain is relieved through opening another door and my drishti is on the doorknob. Then why can’t I see past my tears of the moment? Isn’t there a way to just turn it off? It’s so much easier to watch someone else do it on the Hollywood screen. Yet when I try to enlist the self-help [insert- By fostering an inner dialogue that is most nurturing to us, we support the clear vision we have for ourselves and live our lives in alignment with our true purpose.] aahm, bullshit abundance of books, podcast, and other media, I just get frustrated at my inability to see it from another perspective. I’m not down playing how helpful it is to hear it from another source. This is my moment. So I’m still in tears from my pride, ego, attachment or whatever you want to call it!
The moment I stop crying is when I get to reflect in the pond I’ve made for myself. I see that my heart is wide open. My love for my friends has expanded beyond control and the ability to feel all of our pain has encompassed me. What I see and feel is selfish according to others.
My reflection has shown me that I’m the only one I see. Not like in the movies where there is this great vision of how to fix the situation. But just me staring into my eyes. My trigger is that I have given so much, gone out of my to do for others and I get no love back when I need it.
So if I’m supposed to wear my heart somewhere? Where would I hide it so that no one can see it? No one can open the door to it or focus on it with their drishti intent to find it.
Rationalizing is what we humans do best in times of struggle. Somewhere along the path of love and pain we all feel. We feel it in many different forms. Some of us wear our heart on our sleeve. Sometimes it’s ok to just cry, that is when we learn what triggers us and were to place it. Reset isn’t just an option, it’s a way of releasing that shit that doesn’t serve us. Find a clear point of drishti on the doorknob and open that door. Who knows there may be a few heart shaped patches on the table to wear proudly.


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