5 steps to calm and balance sensitive and irritated skin

I had so much fun making myself into a candy skull go go girl for Halloween. I included the photos of prep and completion for you to look at how calm my skin was before application. It wasn’t my best work since this was the first time I have tried candy skull. I still had fun! After the festives I came home to wash my face and get some sleep. I used my Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk to take off the make-up and Facial Toner to follow. Cleanse and tone and leave it alone at night. Super easy right?

Well next morning I woke to one very red and blotchy face. Ugh! This comes as no surprise to me. I have sensitive skin. This is why I choose Dr. Hauschka so many years ago. It has really helped clear up my skin and I love how everything is natural and organic.

So here is what I did to calm and balance the reddened skin. Notice the before and after photos on the bottom left. There is visible relief on my cheeks, forehead, under the eyes and chin.

Cause and effect of Halloween make-up on sensitive skin
Cause and effect of Halloween make-up on sensitive skin

1 Cleansing Milk

2 Rhythmic Conditioner, Sensitive

3 Soothing Mask

4 Intensive Treatment 03

5 Rose Day Cream

This process is one that I can do for you. As a certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician and Premier Retailer I have access to the products and the knowledge to guide your skin to a healthier pH balance which will reduce the reddened and irritated skin do to any condition that you may be experiencing.

This treatment is two hours of bliss and you will learn how to do a shortened version of this at home with the right products for your skin. The Dr. Hauschka Classic treatment is $140 but for the month of November it is $98 and I will even discount the purchase of all five (5) products the same day of your treatment at 15% off.

Don’t let this one slip away. After November this discount is gone.

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